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Dr. Birgit Liliensiek, Patent Engineer / Dr. Britta Seidel, Attorney-at-Law

Complementary IP Management Services for R&D and Technology Transfer

  - Consultancy

  - Project Support

  - Training 


for SMEs, R&D Institutes, Universities in
R&D Context

  - Life Sciences

  - Renewable Energies

  - Software Development

  - Innovation Management

Our Services comprise


  - Development and management of IP/IPR portfolios

  - Creation of IP management strategies for a win-win          technology transfer

  - IP management through all phases of an R&D project 


  - including EU funded projects 

  - Legal Consultancy, contract drafting and negotiation         support for R&D projects and business processes in

    the R&D Conte

  - Creation of spin-offs, joint ventures and cooperations

  - Tailor made trainings on IP management

    and IPR issues

  - Searches on IP/IPR issues

  - Participation in EU funded projects related to                     Technology Transfer and IP Management

  - IPR related support for German enterprises with                business activities in China by our bilingual

    cooperating European Patent Attorney

We perform our services in English and German

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